Focus on quality and innovation


Since Fullstar was established in 1993, it has been focused on the production of non-woven products. Later manager Steven Fu participated in the company's operation. After 2000, Fullstar began to focus on exploring overseas markets. Fullstar took the lead in obtaining multiple foreign certifications, such as the European Union CE certification, US FDA registration, ISO 13485 certification etc.. Those certificateds have greatly helped Fullstar to expand overseas market. Its annual turnover grows up year by year.

In 2008 and 2009, Fullstar took the lead in investing huge funds to build Fllstar Industrial Park and introduced a 100,000-level production purification workshop. It became the first purification workshop in Pengchang, specializing in the production protective products of some medical, aerospace and high-tech laboratory field.

At present, there is a foreign trade company and two large-scale production factory in Fullstar. Annual turnover rises steadily. Fullstar is top 5 in Xiantao which is a non-wovne indusry city. Fullstar was rated as the annual advanced production unit and taxpayer. This is due to Fullstar's determination and innovation.

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