• 122019-07


    Over the years, the company has participated in many exhibitions to broaden its business and meet many new customers. Such as A+A, medical, safety & protective disposables non-woven products & workgloves, etc.

  • Since Fullstar was established in 1993, it has been focused on the production of non-woven products. Later manager Steven Fu participated in the company's operation.

  • 042019-07

    Vocational Studies

    Fullstar thinks highly of employees' professional skills training. Each year, it invests a large amount of funds to arrange employees to participate in various professional training. For employees in different position, it will provides the relative skill training course.

  • 042019-07

    Social Assistance

    In 2010, there was an employee who worked at Fullstar for about one year diagnosed leukemia. Her condition was very awful. The monthly medical expenses are very high for her family. Once Fullstar knew the situation, Fullstar organized donations right away to help employees tide over the difficulties.

  • At the end of each year, our company will hold an Employee Commendation Meeting in our factory. The main aim of Employee Commendation Meeting is summarizing the work of the whole year and proposing plans and priorities for next year. Surely enhancing workers' relationship and enthusiasm are also very important.

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